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A mattress cleaning helps to reduce dust considerably

House dust mite

They are tiny, barely visible to the naked eye – house dust mites ! They are considered to trigger various respiratory diseases such as asthma and allergies . They can be found in every household, hotel or pension or in nursing homes such as nursing homes and hospital beds . A regular mattress cleaning by Medi-Clean will help!

You think that does not concern you? You are mistaken! Without a regular mattress cleaning, the impurities rise continuously.

Dust mites are found in millions in beds, mattresses and blankets. They make no difference whether it is a private household or a professionally operated care facility.

But especially for patients who require extensive care and are bedridden, there is a need for 100 percent cleanliness. This should prevent these people from being plagued by illnesses.

But not only the mites are the problem, but their excretions – the mite droppings . In particular, they trigger allergies, such as house dust mite allergy, in sensitive people (see also Symptoms ).

This can even lead to chronic asthma – a condition that will not let you go.

So are we at the mercy of the mites? No!

The Medi-Clean Mattress cleaning has taken on the task of combating the causes of mite infestation in private homes, hotels / pensions and nursing homes and their propagation sustainable.

With our specially developed intensive cleaning , which can fully convince even from an ecological point of view, we free your mattress with the help of a professional device to 100% of mites.

Your bedroom is thus completely freed from the triggers of the house dust allergy and is one hundred percent clean.

Your advantages:

  • A healthy sleeping climate and significantly more sleep and quality of life
  • Cost savings / cost reduction: new acquisition of a mattress not absolutely necessary
  • Sustainable and long-lasting cleanliness in bed

Take advantage of the benefits of Medi-Clean cleaning with our help, ensure that the bedroom continues to be a place for relaxation – completely free from dust mites.

Whether you are a private household, as a nursing service or hotelier on the Medi-Clean mattress cleaning – we provide with our effective cleaning method for a healthy sleeping environment.

Convince yourself of our abilities and secure yourself with us as a reliable partner with free mattresses.

The team at Medi-Clean  is always at your side with help and advice.

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